Advanced Energy United believes that its work to transition to an advanced energy future can be strengthened through constructive dialogue on issues of mutual interest between utilities and our advanced energy business members. Our Executive Forums seek to foster that dialogue by facilitating solutions- oriented networking and relationship building with an emphasis on areas of opportunity for shared learning and business development for participating utilities and advanced energy member companies.

Upcoming Forums:

The Transformative Power of Data to Drive the Energy Transition

Boston, MA | September 17-18

With smart, connected devices, automated controls and distribution sensors deployed across the energy system, the amount of real-time data being generated across our grid is significant. The ability to access and use that data holds immense promise for our electricity system and the transition to a 100% clean grid. That data is likewise essential to the successful implementation of state and federal efficiency and electrification programs, including the Home Energy Rebates established by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

This interactive and collaborative forum will examine best practices and real-world challenges for how utilities, advanced energy companies, states and localities can work together to ensure that data is effectively collected, stored, analyzed, shared, and harnessed to support policy and regulatory goals, while also examining the needed policy and regulatory framework to enable data access while also ensuring customer privacy and cybersecurity.

Discussions will center around the following topics:

  • Removing barriers to data access
  • System data access
  • Customer data access, privacy and security
  • Effective data sharing for policy & program implementation

Fees for the forums are $1,200 per person for members and utility participants (Advanced Energy United member discounts apply) and $1,500 for non members.

Previous Forums:

Working Together to Prepare for the Influx of EVs

Las Vegas, NV | May 22-23, 2024

This interactive forum focused on defining pathways for advanced energy technology companies and utilities to work together to strengthen distribution system planning to enable electric transportation. We looked at how technologies and approaches can be used to make the most of increasing amounts of electric fleets relative to:

  • Forecasting/planning best practices
  • Distribution system planning
  • Interconnection processes
  • Managed charging and automated load management

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