Advanced Energy United is on a mission to achieve 100% clean energy in America, working to remove state and federal-level policy roadblocks for the businesses providing clean energy and transportation solutions. 

Interested in engaging with us? In addition to collaborating with clean energy companies on public policy solutions, we host events to provide the opportunity to meet our team and to learn more about what we do and the ways we do it, including: 

  • The Polyceum™ Series by Advanced Energy United is a set of workshops, forums and interactive convenings that seek to address critical industry issues, cultivate meaningful engagement between stakeholders and develop solutions to the industry's most pressing challenges and opportunities. 
  • Our Utility Engagement Workshops foster dialogue on issues of mutual interest between our member organizations and utility companies with an emphasis on areas of opportunity for shared learning and business development. 
  • Our Executive Forums facilitate partnerships and information exchanges on issues that aren’t being sufficiently addressed on behalf of our industry. 
  • Our annual Leadership Forum engages leaders from our membership in strategic discussions and long-term thinking as we work to achieve our mission of 100% clean energy in the United States. 

Want to learn more about becoming a member of Advanced Energy United? Just fill out the contact form and we’ll get in touch! 

Upcoming events you can attend:

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