Advanced Energy United (United) believes that its work to transition to an advanced energy future can be strengthened through constructive dialogue on issues of mutual interest between utilities and our advanced energy business members. United’s Utility Engagement Series seeks to foster that dialogue by facilitating solutions-oriented networking and relationship building with an emphasis on areas of opportunity for shared learning and business development for participating utilities and advanced energy member companies. 

Facilitated by nationally recognized energy policy and regulatory strategy expert, Janet Gail Besser, United will host three interactive workshop sessions in 2023 focused on defining pathways to accelerate the clean energy transition. Each workshop holds the potential to define an opportunity for ongoing collaborative engagement and learning between participating organizations. Workshop 1, "Resilience in the Face of Climate Change — Microgrids," was held June 21-22 in Seattle, Washington. Workshop 2, "Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Integration," was held September 26-27 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Workshop 3:

Decarbonization Strategies – Getting to Carbon Free (As Fast as We Can)

Washington, D.C., December 5-6, 2023 

This workshop will take a broad look to address energy procurement strategies (24/7 load matching and emissionality); distributed and grid-scale technology adoption (solar, storage, wind); energy efficiency, demand response and demand flexibility; DER integration (planning and grid technology investments); data availability and access; and the prospects for cutting edge technologies to get to 100% carbon free. The discussion will start with an overview of how utilities, energy product and service suppliers and clean energy companies can meet growing customer (municipalities, states, corporates, non-profits) demand for carbon free and sustainable energy. We’ll then dive into a series of subtopics that should be of particular interest as participating utilities consider their own strategies for decarbonization, including:

  • Carbon free electricity procurement and data needed to enable it
  • Innovative DER technology integration and demand flexibility (e.g.,including V2G)
  • Distribution planning and smart grid investment (another option for V2G)
  • Advanced technologies to get to 100%
  • Transmission strategies and grid enhancing technologies 

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